EST 2014

The Kartel Story

the Founders

Our mission at Kartel is to always give you the best experience possible. From the moment you walk into one of our stores or visit our website we aim to greet you with a friendly and personal encounter. Good, old fashioned customer service is at the heart of what we do as a business.

We are truly grateful to each one of our customers and with that comes deep appreciation of the pre and post purchase process. We decided to open stores so you can touch our watches, feel the quality, connect with us and most of all build
faith in us as a brand that you can rely on.

We look forward to meeting you.

Bobby & Dale Morrison

Foundations built from the will that anything is possible


Meticulous design & refinement

At Kartel, our mission is to unite the timeless with the latest technology. Our watch designs combine handcrafted materials with contemporary high-precision timekeeping with our movements made to exiacting standards coming with a 3 year warrenty.

As a Family we have been making watches for 15 years and we understand that customer service is a deep routed part of a watch purchase.

Limited batch production

Our Signature Automatic Range watches are produced in limited production runs of up to 1,000 and each watch is finished with a unique batch number engraved on the back of each watch.

Our Mechanical movements are assembled to exacting specifications and standards with our commitment to quality being uncompromising. This said we inspect and sign off every watch prior to dispatching.

The Kartel Retail Experience

Experincal retail is why we have our own stores. From the Coffee we make to our personalised service we prioritise in customer engagement—not sales.

Experiential retail should be immersive and shareable and this is what inspires our new approach to retail. Our retail enviroment is unique to the world of watchmaking and we are proud of what we do.

With hundreds of design options and personal engraving, we help you build a unique timepiece to tell your story.

experiential retail

Creative and immersive and shareable experiences


Cannes - French Riviera

Kartel Launch

Kartel was launched at the TFWA in Cannes on October 2014. We spotted a need in the market for a simple classicly designed watch so developed the Lewis Model. That year we sold our new brand to 30 global airlines. Our Lewis model was the only model we had at the time.

The Journey Begins

Website Launch

2015 was the launch of the Kartel webiste. In the first year we shipped to 15 countrys across the globe.


Europe & Asia

Our wholesale business launched in Asia. We opened over 10 locations in South Korea alone. New models including Kendrick and Isla Lauched.

Our first store opening

St Andrews

We reconised a need to serve our customer directly, to listen, to see and touch our watches rather than look at a picture on a website. We open the doors to our first store in St Andrews in September 2017.


watch building Experience launched

Our instore watch build experience was lauched this year giving customer the oppertunity to build their own custom watch with our unqiue custom concept taht allows choise from over 1200 combinations.

A new era

Going it Alone

In 2019 we decided that we would no longer sell our brand though third party retailers. We took the decision to only sell our watches through our own channels in a direct to custoemr approach. Better Service, stronger Custome relations, enhanced store experience and experincail retail at the heart of what we do.

Product Launch


2020 saw the launch of our best iconic Knoydart Chronogrpah model.

a big year

Edinburgh & Automatics

As the world recovers from the pandemic we where very busy behind the scenes. This year seen the launch of our first fully Automatic watch and the opening of our Edinburgh store at St James Quarter

Store no 3

Our brand following contiunes to grow year on year and for that we are thabksfull. The Munro 282 is Launched in March 2022 and we open our Third store in October. (Stay tuned for the location reveal!)